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For links to many of my articles on single life, arranged by topic, go toWhat we really know about single life.”

For links to the most popular blog posts from my first decade of writing the “Living Single” blog at Psychology Today, go to “10 years of living single: Badass loners are your favorite.”

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    Bella DePaulo on “Single at Heart”
    Andrea Bain and Jess Allen, hosts

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    Bella DePaulo discusses Single at Heart at Chaucer’s bookstore in Santa Barbara, CA

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    What it means to be Single at Heart
    Kate Snow & Zinhle Essamuah, anchors

What We Really Know About Single Life

This page started out as a collection of critiques of studies of married vs. single people. I have now expanded it to include collections of writings on all sorts of topics about single life. Scroll down to see them.

Myth-Busting about Single Life

HAPPINESS On getting married and (not) getting happier: What we know

PHYSICAL HEALTH and MENTAL HEALTH Getting married and (not) getting healthy

LONGEVITY Debunking the myth that married people live longer

RELATIONSHIPS, ATTACHMENT, CAREGIVING, VOLUNTEERING Single people are caring, connected, attached, and unselfish

SINGLE-PARENT FAMILIES Single parents and their children: Don’t believe the prophesies of doom

NO CHILDREN Adults with no kids: Naming, shaming, and talking back to the shaming

SEX Getting married and (not) getting sex (and other sex-relevant topics)

MONEY Getting married and getting more money (and other articles about the economics of single life)

COLLECTION OF CRITIQUES What’s wrong with studies and claims about the supposed benefits of marriage?

Other Topics
How we live now

21 century living arrangements

Living alone

The best of single life

Single at heart

The real reasons for living single



The Community of Single People

The benefits of being single — for single people and for society

Some basics about single life

Demographics (number of singles, age when people marry, rates of divorce and remarriage, etc., and what it all means)

Defining single and naming different categories of singles

Personalities and types of single people

Gender differences (in living single, marrying, divorcing, remarrying, bereavement, living alone, and living apart together)

Single men (separate category because so much writing about singles is about single women)

Lifelong single people

Older single people

Divorce, widowhood, remarriage

Singlism and matrimania, and why we need advocacy for single people

Singlism and matrimania

People deny singlism exists and get mad at you for pointing it out. Why?

Singles advocacy and the issue of privilege

How singles are celebrated and stereotyped and shamed

Singles in different domains and different places

The workplace

Research and teaching

Religions and places of worship

Advertising, marketing, and business


Health care and illness

Psychotherapy and mental health

Housing (buying homes, housing discrimination, living arrangements)

The military and foreign service

Popular culture and beyond (TV, movies, magazines, literature, the arts, opera, etc.)

Celebrities, world figures, and people in politics and the media

Singles around the world

We need to rethink these matters

Relationships, family, and love

Living single during a pandemic

Holidays  (including single people’s celebrations of the milestones in their lives)



Sex, sexuality, and monogamy

Marriage (including marrying yourself)

Resources: Books, talks, discussion groups, advocacy groups and more

Books about single life: Reviews and discussions

Blogs about single people and single life

Best TED talks and other talks for single people

Lots of RESOURCES: Books, blogs, videos, podcasts, discussion groups, advocacy groups, academic writings, and more 

Totally off-topic

Here’s what I know about lying and detecting lies

Scholarly Papers

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The Community of Single People

The Community of Single People (CoSP) is an online Facebook group started in July 2015. It is a place for discussing all aspects of single life except dating or other attempts to escape single life. It is a closed group, so you need to ask to join. As long as you are not trying to use the group to find a date, getting admitted should not be a problem.

Here’s what I’ve written about the Community of Single People, beginning with the first announcement:

Read more