Singular Selves

Changing thinking, changing language, changing lives: The power and promise of Singles Studies.

This book examines, for perhaps the first time, singlehood at the intersections of race, media, language, culture, literature, space, health, and life satisfaction. It adopts an interdisciplinary approach, borrowing from sociology, literary studies, medical humanities, race studies, linguistics, demographic studies, and critical geography to understand singlehood in the world today.

This collection of essays aims to establish the discipline of Singles Studies, finding new ways of examining it from various disciplinary and cultural perspectives. It begins with laying the field, then moves on to critically look at how race has shaped the way we understand singlehood in the West, and how class, age, gender, privilege, and the media play a role in shaping singlehood. It argues for a need for increased interdisciplinarity within the field, for example analyzing singlehood from the perspective of medical humanities. The volume also explores the role the workplace, living arrangements, financial status, and gender play in single people’s life satisfaction. With an inter-disciplinary and transnational approach, this interdisciplinary volume seeks to establish Singles Studies as a truly global discipline.

This pathbreaking volume would be of interest to students and researchers of Sociology, Literature, Linguistics, Media Studies and Psychology.


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