What’s so great about being single? What does it mean for single people, for families, communities, and society that the number of single people has been growing and growing for decades? Contrary to stereotypes, single life can be deeply fulfilling, and single people contribute to the strength and durability of our interpersonal ties and societies in ways that are finally getting recognized.

Here are some overviews of the strengths and contributions of single people, in all different forms so you can find the one you prefer. Below are articles, blog posts, lists, books, podcasts, a chapter in an academic book, and a TEDx talk.

This collection is an unapologetic, unabashed celebration of single people and single life. I’m not saying that everyone should be single, but for those who are single at heart, being single isn’t a default option and it is not something we’re just stuck with. It is our best life. We benefit and others do, too. And we are tired of the deficit narrative of single life. It is not just inaccurate, it is harmful.

OVERVIEWS of the Benefits of Being Single, and Not Just for Single People

More people than ever before are single – and that’s a good thing (from “The Conversation”)

19 ways single people are doing way better than you realized

17 benefits of single life

The growing power of single people, in 10 important trends

23 special strengths of people who are single

What no one ever told you about people who are single (TEDx talk)

Singled Out: How Singles Are Stereotyped, Stigmatized, and Ignored, and Still Live Happily Ever After (book)

Alone: The Badass Psychology of People Who Like Being Alone (book: collection of blog posts and articles)

The Best of Single Life (book: collection of blog posts and articles)

Toward a positive psychology of single life (chapter in “Positive Psychology;” here’s a brief summary)

The Science of Single Living (“Solo” podcast with Peter McGraw)

Single Really Suits Me (“A Single Serving” podcast with Shani Silver)

All of the above are about all kinds of people who are not married, including divorced and widowed people. For more about lifelong single people, check out this set of articles.

For more about people who are single at heart, click here.

Even More Reasons to Celebrate

The badass personalities of people who like being alone

Lifelong Singles in Later Life: Stereotype-Defying Findings

The profound rewards of staying single

Singles invest more in friends, then enjoy payoffs in self-esteem

People who choose to be single value their friends more, have more satisfying social lives

What makes single people happy?

Singles value freedom more and get more happiness out of it

Beyond happiness: A psychologically rich life is a good life

Men and women who have always been single are doing fine

Oh, the things you can do if you are single!

Fighting Back: When Others Try to Cast Single People as Second Best

Beware of the deficit narrative of single life – in writings about the pandemic and everywhere else

Single in a pandemic: Not the same old stories

Single People Aren’t to Blame for the Loneliness Epidemic (the Atlantic)

The microaggressions of single life

Not just my stuff: More books, talks, podcasts discussion groups, advocacy groups and other resources for the unapologetically single

Books about single life: Reviews and discussions

Blogs about single people and single life

Best TED talks and other talks for single people

Scholars of single life

Lots of RESOURCES: Books, blogs, videos, podcasts, discussion groups, advocacy groups, academic writings, and more