Most of the milestones that are routinely celebrated honor the lives of people who are married with children. Weddings, wedding showers, and baby showers are the most obvious. Single people who have no kids have all sorts of feelings about this, but even the most open-hearted single person can begin to feel a bit weary (and broke) when they are asked to pony up for couples and their children, sometimes the same ones over and over again, while the important milestones in their own lives go unrecognized.

What sorts of milestones or accomplishments do single people want to celebrate in their own lives? How can they do so? Celebrations of couples and their children are acknowledgments of the important people in their lives. How can we value the important people in the lives of people who are single? Here’s a collection of articles on these topics. Collections of articles about other aspects of single life are here.

Personal milestones single people celebrate

Celebrating by empowering others

How to value our friends and everyone else’s, today and every other day

Marrying yourself

Feeling good about your single life when others make it hard (or when you are not so sure yourself)