In the Community of Single People (CoSP), several people suggested that we come up with a hashtag that we could use with singles-relevant posts to Twitter and other relevant social media platforms. Many possibilities were suggested. My favorite was #BadassSingles.

I also thought it would be nice to have an image or two to go with the hashtag. I have no artistic talents but happily, Adriana Kohkemper does, and she volunteered her time and talents. She created many variations – one set with images, and another with a plain background – and I posted them at CoSP to get feedback. The image you see of the sneakers was the overwhelming favorite. Of the ones with a plain background, the black one you see here was another clear favorite.

If you are writing about single people in affirming, stereotype-busting ways, please join in, if you’d like, in appending the #BadassSingles hashtag to your contributions. Feel free to use the images, too.

Some people did not like these two images and others did not like the word “badass.” That’s to be expected in a group that now has 2,297 members. Of course, everyone should feel free to use or not use whichever words or images they choose.