The summer is here, and with it come all the best parties and the best music festivals. Get your friends and head out to whatever event caught your attention. However, getting to these parties and festivals can be a bit of a drag. Spending hours on end in a boring bus or a train can really dampen your enthusiasm. And flights are potentially even worse, with the wait and the cramped seats. Chances are you are going to be physically separated from your friends for the duration of the trip, too. What you need is a way to keep the party spirit alive even during the trip. There’s no better way to do that than with a party bus.

What’s a Party Bus?

If you haven’t heard much about party buses before, click here to learn more.  The bottom line is that this is the trendy new way to party as a group. Rent your own vehicle which not only facilitates, but also promotes partying. Some additional details about party buses are given below.

What Amenities Can You Expect?

Depending on the size of your party, you can find buses of various sizes, but they all have some amenities to help you party. The first thing you can see is that the windows are tinted, to ensure your party’s privacy. However, there’s more going on once you get on board. Most notably, we’re talking about some serious speaker power with TV/DVD availability. Similarly, the full party lighting and a stocked bar are included as well. Of course, one of the most important things in the summer – the AC unit is included as well. The seating arrangement is akin to what you can expect from a limo. That leaves the majority of the bus’ central area available for dancing.

Is It Safe?

The best part about this mode of transport is that it always comes with a driver. These drivers are professionals and go through more rigorous testing than regular drivers in order to get a commercial driver’s license. The law requires every vehicle with more than 15 passengers to have a professional driver. An added benefit of having your own driver is that everyone can enjoy the party to the fullest, drink alcohol and not worry about driving back home. The buses themselves are also specially designed in order to make them safe. Much like their drivers, they go through rigorous testing, making them safer than the majority of vehicles on the road.

Live in the Now

So, why would you spend that much money for transportation to the party/festival? It all comes to the old Latin saying – Carpe diem. Seize the day, live for the moment. You have the opportunity to have the best time of your life, why not grab it and use it? Even Forbes claims that experiences end up being more valuable to us than material possessions in this article, so go out there and create some great memories.

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