The Community of Single People (CoSP) is an online Facebook group started in July 2015. It is a place for discussing all aspects of single life except dating or other attempts to escape single life. It is a closed group, so you need to ask to join. As long as you are not trying to use the group to find a date, getting admitted should not be a problem.

Here’s what I’ve written about the Community of Single People, beginning with the first announcement:

Let’s start a community of single people

The community no one knew we needed (when there were around 600 members)

A year with 1,170 single people embracing single life

The Community of Single People Is 2 Years Old

        3 Years in a Singles Community that Has Nothing to Do with Dating

Community of Single People: 3,433 members from 100+ nations (4-year anniversary post)

Happy birthday, Community of Single People: We are 5 years old

          Single people online together for friendship, not romance: Year 6

The power of communities of single people (Year 7, 2022)

The Community of Single People: 8 Years, 100+ Nations, 7,500+ Members