The number of single people has been growing for more than a half-century. Of all Americans who are unmarried, the biggest proportion of them, by far, are people who have never been married. Yet not much research has focused specifically on this group. Maybe that’s in part because the percentage of people who stayed single all their life has, in the past, been fairly small. But that may be changing.

There is one exception to my claim that lifelong single people are rarely studied. There are many studies examining the link between marital status and various measures of health and well-being, and those studies sometimes include people who are never married as a separate group. The goal of those studies, though, is nearly always to try to show that married people are doing better than everyone else – a conclusion that ranks somewhere between vastly overstated and just plain wrong. You can find discussions of those studies here. Below are answers to some other questions about people who have always been single.

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