If you are single and looking for a parenting partner, or if you already have a partner but do not yet have a child, here’s an opportunity to participate in a documentary series for a major cable network. First, some explanation of parenting partnerships.

Some single people want children, but they do not want to raise them alone. So they do something fascinating – they look for a parenting partner. They and their parenting partner commit to being there for their children, and for each other as co-parents. But they are not romantically involved with each other. (Parenting partnerships are different from couples who divorce and co-parent afterwards – the documentary is not about divorced couples.)

A respected cable network is looking for several people involved in parenting partnerships to participate in their documentary series (not a reality show). They want to include people at different stages of the process:

  1. Parenting partners who have already found each other, and the woman is already pregnant (in her 1st or 2nd trimester).
  2. Parenting partners who have already found each other, but the woman is not yet pregnant.
  3. Single women looking for a parenting partner.
  4. Single men looking for a parenting partner.

The filming will take place over the course of a year.

The producers contacted me because I wrote about parenting partnerships in How We Live Now: Redefining Home and Family in the 21st Century.

If you think you might be interested, you can either send your contact information to me (bellaDepaulo [at] gmail.com) and I will forward it to the producers, or you can contact them directly, using the information on the flyer (see above). If you contact the producers yourself, tell them that you learned about the opportunity from me.

If you know of other people who may be interested in this opportunity, feel free to forward this information to them.