I’ve been on a decades-long mission to push back against all the misrepresentations of single people as sad and lonely losers, and to showcase more accurate portrayals of how real single people often live meaningful and fulfilling lives. As part of my quest to slay singlism and bring matrimania to its knees, I have been sharing the stories of single-minded change agents who are inspired by the same passions. They have already made great strides in challenging marital status discrimination and highlighting stories of the good single life.

In this series, I pose seven questions to single-minded change agents. I ask what inspired them, what obstacles they’ve encountered, what lessons they might like to share, and more. Here are their stories.

Kim Calvert

Thomas F. Coleman

Nicky Grist

Rachel Buddeberg

Christina Campbell and Lisa A. of Onely.org

I’ve also answered the same questions myself.

Let me know if you want to nominate any other single-minded change agents for this series.

We also need more social scientists to do research from a singles perspective. In “The New Science of Single People,” Jesse Singal of New York magazine explains why. I think it is a great article (though I’m biased because I’m in it). If you have any interest in an enlightened perspective on single people and single life, you may want to take a look at it.