Single people are routinely stereotyped, stigmatized, and ignored, as I highlighted in the subtitle of my book, Singled Out: How Singles Are Stereotyped, Stigmatized, and Ignored, and Still Live Happily Ever After. They are also shamed. Here are some examples of that. Happily, as the number of single people grows and as more people spend more years of their lives not married, single people are sometimes celebrated, too. This collection also includes examples of ways in which single people are celebrated.

How single people are celebrated and shamed

In 2015, single people were both celebrated and shamed

Celebrating single people

More people than ever before are single – and that’s a good thing

Spinster is the new black

23 quips for marriage skeptics and lovers of single life

Love of single life: The quintessential modern love? (also about the belief that single people exaggerate their happiness)

National Singles Week: 19 Reasons Why We Need It

I heart me – really? (about Singles Day celebrations)

Beyond marriage and children: Milestones worth celebrating

Stereotyping single people

Every stereotype of single people, debunked by science

What single life is really like, according to research, not stereotypes

People get all weird when you tell them you want to be single: Why?

Is there a bias against single people?

Why single people can’t catch a break (The single people judged most harshly are not who you think)

Stereotypes of singles? Robust. Actual differences between singles and couples? Not so much.

Single men and single women are disparaged in different ways. Some sexism is also singlism. Guest post by Joan DelFattore and Craig Wynne

Singles experience more prejudice, and some think that’s okay

Is this the myth about singles that single people are most likely to believe?

The special skills of people who are always getting stereotyped

How a group of married therapists confronted their prejudices against single women

Shaming single people

The microaggressions of single life

No, I’m not married. Why do you ask? (with Joan DelFattore)

Can married people be happy? (Mocks the parallel question actually asked at the Aspen Ideas Festival, “Can single people be happy?”)

Why is there shame around being a ‘relationship virgin’? I’d be proud to be one.

When your personal, private choices enrage others

The problem of the self-loathing single person

How not to think about single people

Who’s afraid of single people? (blaming singles for the break-down of society)

How to scare people into getting married

Is this David Letterman’s most shameful Top 10 list?

Married man’s burden: Charles Murray’s prescription for a better America (he thinks married people should be smug)

Gay marriage ruling is matrimaniacal, shames single people

Have you been shamed for being single?

Revisiting the most infamous scare story about single women

 The stunning appeal of a story about a man who died alone

Singlism cover

Singlism: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Stop It