Matrimania – the over-the-top hyping of marriage, weddings, and couples – is pervasive every day of the year, but it really gets ramped up over the holidays. So does singlism – the stereotyping, stigmatizing, and discrimination against people who are single. Pitying single people practically becomes a national sport.

Here is my collection of writings on being single for the holidays. Don’t expect any singles-pity. But you may find the tables turned on those kinds of emotional practices. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Other End-of-Year Holidays

Thankful to be alone: If I had surrendered to society’s expectations, I’d have a life I never wanted.

Holiday party game: Spot the fake couples

“All I want for Christmas is…solitude!” Guest post by Cathy Goodwin

Single for the holidays and doing fine

Single workers aren’t there to pick up the slack for their married bosses and colleagues

Holiday pity parties for single people

Of holiday bullies and double standards

Turning the tables on those holiday pity parties for single people

 Resisting expectations during holidays and every day

Hey, singles: Do coworkers and bosses expect you to cover for everyone else over the holidays?

Should you stay home for the holidays?

Holiday spirit, 21st century style: Kay Trimberger and I share our vision

Feeling exposed as not half a couple?

A spouse for Christmas?

Are you secretly wishing for a Thanksgiving for one?

Who is the boss of Thanksgiving?

Valentine’s Day

Singled Out: How Singles Are Stereotyped, Stigmatized, and Ignored, and Still Live Happily Ever After (about Valentine’s Day, p. 104-106)

Pity the person who pities single people on Valentine’s Day

5 sweet somethings for singles: Enlightenment is so delicious!

Valentine’s Day hype: Name your emotional reaction

Step away from that spouse! Another take on the value of friends (about Valentine’s Day)

The worst — and best — of Valentine’s Day

Chinese Valentine’s Day is for singles – but not in a good way

5 signs that this Valentine’s Day will be different from all the rest (from 2012)

For Valentine’s Day, I give you my (single at) heart

Other Holidays

Is Veterans Day the fairest holiday of them all?

If you have an RV, is every day a holiday?

Singles Week and Singles Day – I’ve written about these so often, I’ll have to gather all the relevant posts some other time

What single people celebrate in their lives

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