Psychology journals are overflowing with articles about loneliness, and have been for decades. Recently, scholars are starting to study solitude, in the sense of the positive aspects of being alone. Take a look at what we know so far. Also take a look at Alone: The badass psychology of people who like being alone.

Some of the Most Fundamental Things to Know about Solitude

Sweet solitude, Part 1: Two meanings of alone

Solitude, Part 2: The benefits it brings and the special strengths of the people who enjoy it

Insights from the most renowned book on solitude

Finding solace in solitude: It’s not just about introversion

Is solitude something you enjoy or a way of avoiding others?

Not getting enough time alone can be a problem

Growing, Learning, Connecting: The Benefits of Being Alone

Are We Becoming More Enamored of Solitude?

Craving time alone, and privacy at home

The American psyche: Tipping toward solitude?

Pure solitude, away from devices, is calming: New research

The Living Arrangement that is the New Normal: Do You Know What It Is?

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Who Loves Solitude the Most?

The badass personalities of people who like being alone

For evidence of emotional maturity, look at a person’s capacity to be alone

Phonies don’t like spending time alone. Authentic people do.

The secret strengths of people who live alone and like it

5 kinds of introverts and their life-affirming ways

5 kinds of people who withdraw from social life

Why true loners are awesome — and why you thought they weren’t

Single at Heart: What do we know about it?

Solitaries: Who they are and how they offer more than you ever imagined

How you can tell that deep down, solitude is your thing

The most beautiful embrace of solitude and single life

The deep rewards of a deeply single life

Extraversion and the Single Person (it is also about introversion)

Many old people value solitude, but even some professionals do not understand that

Time alone saps the willpower of people who are neurotic

Can anyone come to love being alone?

Wonderful Experiences for Lovers of Solitude

The powerful appeal of solitude, in the words of Jhumpa Lahiri

Another great thing about being alone (about the psychology of rest)

The joy of staying home alone and not doing anything special

Traveling Alone, Dining Alone, and Spending Holidays Alone

Thankful to be alone: If I had surrendered to society’s expectations, I’d have a life I never wanted.

If you dine alone, what will people think of you? Part 1: See if you can predict the results

Dining Alone, Part 2: Here’s What People Really Do Think of You

The joy of traveling alone (Q & A with Stephanie Rosenbloom about “Alone Time”)

Vacationing While Single

Some single travelers don’t want or need special treatment: Guest post by Joan DelFattore

More Americans are dining and traveling alone. Here’s why.

Are you secretly wishing for a Thanksgiving for one?

Why some things are more fun to do alone

The psychology of being alone in public

Other Topics Relevant to Solitude

How to be alone: 14 quips and tips

Quotes for solitude lovers 

When isolated people are not lonely and connected people are

Most can’t stand to be alone with their thoughts: Can you?

Is a solitary life a shorter life? Results of a big new review

Alone in a crowd — there’s something special about it

Oblivious, complicit, and healthy loners

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Alone: The Badass Psycholoogy of People Who Like Being Alone