In writing about single life, one topic that comes up especially often is friendship. Below are links to some of my blog posts on (1) the importance of friendship; (2) whether single people get ditched when their friends marry; (3) making friends; (4) breaking up with friends; (5) how friendship is erased and distorted; and (6) other friendship themes.

I have also published a collection of my academic papers on friendship. It is called Friendsight: What Friends Know that Others Don’t.

(1)  Importance of friendship

Friends are more important than we realized

People who choose to be single value friends more and people who value friends more become more committed to being single

Singles invest more in friends, then enjoy payoffs in self-esteem

Why friendship is the key relationship of the 21st century

Around the world, people who value friends more are happier and healthier

The beautiful place of friendship in the lives of people who choose to be single

The new science of friendship

What makes friendship so special — especially now?

7 ways friends make us better and stronger

Worldwide, people are trending toward valuing friends relatively more, and family less

Success depends more on friendship skills than romantic ones

Finding “The One” Is Overrated: Emotionships Matter More

What friends know that others don’t

Step away from that spouse! Another take on the value of friends

What matters is whether you matter to others

19 ways to show you care about your friends

The meaning of ‘relationship’: Notes from a party

Families of choice are remaking America

(2)  Do single people get ditched when their friends marry?

Ditched by a friend who got married: Can you relate?

Slighting friends and family: Do couples become less couple-y over time

Gain a romantic partner, lose 2 friends?

Singles or couples: Who has more confidants? More diverse confidants?

Is it OK to have a couples-only club?

Are you guilty of friend jealousy, or a victim of it?

Dating, moving in, and losing contact with friends?

(3)   Making friends

How do you make friends when you are single?

7 ways to meet the locals and make friends — in your travels and in everyday life

Magical friendship-making moments

Finding a friend

Now we know whether Facebook is making us lonely

Are the early years of single life the hardest? Approaching age 30

(4)   Breaking up with friends

Breaking up with friends: Can you empathize?

(5)   How friendship is erased, devalued, and distorted

Deleting a friend to spotlight a spouse

Single and securely attached to friends

Sex and the City: The magic show

Did you recognize your friendship in ‘This Emotional Life’?

What’s not to like about a rave review? Missing the point of friendship and single life

What are friends for? Views from single and married life

The real mystery: Why don’t friendships get what they deserve?

(6)   Other friendship themes

If you aren’t in a relationship, who is ‘your person’?

The Friendship Files: A inside look at the best of friends

Beyond marriage and babies: Milestones worth celebrating

Single people have more friends

Do you have a council of friends?

In Japan, can marriage be a hobby and friendship for real?

Reunited love – and I don’t mean the romantic kind!

Falling in and out of friendship

Friends and lovers: Is there a ‘knew it all along’ effect?

First friends

Men and women as friends – when one is gay or lesbian

Extraversion and the single person

Will mate-trimony make it fashionable to be single?

“Friendship in the time of love”

(Here are some best-friend messages from a partner.)

Friendsight: What friends know that others don’t