The brief version of this post: I’m an Amazon Associate and I make a tiny bit of money every time someone buys something on Amazon after clicking one of my links (such as this one: You don’t even need to buy whatever product the link takes you to – anything on Amazon is fair game. But it doesn’t work for me! I can’t use my own links to get those rewards. But I do buy things from Amazon, and I would be happy to use other people’s links, or links associated with good causes, so that they can get a tiny bit of money each time I buy something. Anyone want to send me a link? I’ll also post links here that are relevant in any ways to enlightened views about single people.

Now here’s the more detailed version.

Using my Amazon Associate links

My visiting professorship at UCSB is an unpaid position and the work I do at this site (my personal website and blog) is unpaid, too. So I’m always looking for ways to pay the bills. One very easy way (though it pays very little) is to be an Amazon Associate. Whenever someone clicks one of my links (such as this one: and then buys something at Amazon, I get a tiny bit of money. You don’t even need to buy the product that the link takes you to – as long as you ended up at Amazon using a link that has my name at the end, then anything you buy sends a little money to me and it costs you nothing. You don’t pay any more than you would without using the link.

So if you are ever buying anything at Amazon and do not mind an extra click, I would love it if you clicked one of my links, or one of the others I will be adding (see below). All of the links on this website to books on Amazon are relevant Amazon Associate links. Also, on my blog posts, both here and at my other blogs, when I link to books, I use my Amazon Associate tag, so that I can get a tiny bit of money that way, too.

Want to suggest other Amazon Associate links?

Are you an Amazon Associate who would like more clicks and a tiny bit more income? Or, do you know of any good causes using Amazon Associate links? If so, send me the relevant links. I’ll distribute my own Amazon purchases among the ones I get. And, if any of the people or causes are linked to enlightened views of single people, or creative ways of living, I will post those links here so other people can click on them, too. (So keep checking back if you are interested.)