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Now, on to the Spinster Superheroes of comedy.

I got an email from two actresses who are creating a comedy about spinsters. They are single women in their 30s and do now know when or even if they want to marry. That’s in real life. I hope that attitude will be reflected in their series.

Their email to me included this:

“As HAPPILY SINGLE women in our 30’s, we’ve received SO much scrutiny for our singleness.  So much so, that we’ve created a comedic webseries called 2 Hopeful Spinsters to redefine the definition of the word ‘spinster.’

Here is some of what I found on their website:

spin-ster:  an unmarried woman past the common age for marrying.

2 Hope·ful Spinsters follows Heather & Dellany, an edgy mash-up of Laverne & Shirley and Thelma & Louise, as they redefine what it means to be 30-something singles in the 21st century.

2 Hope·ful Spinsters is the brain child of Heather Olt and Dellany Peace. Being single women in their 30’s, they are quite aware that they are beyond the average marrying age, which currently stands at 27 in the U.S.  Between the 2 of them, they’ve been in 12 weddings.  They get it.  However, they would NEVER have called themselves spinsters.  Spinsters are old,  have 9 cats, wear muumuu’s, watch soaps all day, use butt paste and have resigned themselves to the fact that they will always be single.  At first, they proclaimed, “we are NOT spinsters.  We are simply 2 confident women that have not yet decided when or if we want to settle down to marry and procreate.”

Or so they thought…until the day Heather was cast as a “hopeful spinster” on the comedy UP ALL NIGHT and they realized that…perhaps they ARE spinsters…but at least they’re HOPEFUL!!!

Thus, 2 Hope·ful Spinsters was born.

If you like what Heather and Dellany are up to and would like to support them, you can find their kickstarter campaign here.