I’ve been putting together the list of enlightened singles blogs that will feed into the new singles site. I want to share with you the list I have so far, and get your feedback – especially if I’m missing any.

I formed this list by going through my own personal list of singles blogs and looking at the blogrolls on some of those sites. I left out any blogs that had not been updated any time this year, 2011. Also omitted were any blogs that were too focused on dating and becoming unsingle. One blog that has been on many of our lists now returns a message of “stepped out for a bit.” Another seemed to have no RSS feed.

The blogs below are not listed in any particular order, and they won’t be in a set order on the new site. Instead, as each blogger posts something new, the feed will appear at the top of the page on the new site. Then when another blogger posts, that post will take the top slot and the previous one will appear just beneath it.


Spinsterlicious Life

First Person Singular

Singularly Happy



Boldly Go Solo

Karen Gail Lewis

Singles by Choice

Out of My Mind


Single Independent Sistah

Singular City

Sixty and Single in Seattle

Living Single

Single-Woman TV

Single Minded Women

All Things Single (and More)

Sweet Solitude

Solo Friendly

Beyond Straight and Gay Marriage

Ms. Single Mama

Owning Single

[UPDATE: I’m going to continue to update this post as I receive recommendations of blogs to add. They will be listed below.]

It’s All About Balance

Solo Soul

I can’t promise that all of these blogs will be included. I haven’t run them by my web designer yet to be sure all of the feeds work. Also, if a blog has a specific section on singles within a broader blog that is mostly about other topics, and that specific section cannot be fed separately, then I probably won’t be able to include it. Some of these sites were new to me – I found them on other people’s blogrolls. So if you are familiar with any of these sites and believe that they do not qualify for the new singles site (for example, if not often enough of the posts are about single life), please let me know. It is fine to use my email address, BellaDepaulo [at] gmail.com, if you don’t want to post your comment publicly.

I very much want to include individual posts about single life from people whose blogs are not primarily on that topic. For example, Elliott Lewis, who wrote a few posts for my blogs that readers loved, has a blog that is not primarily about single life but includes some wonderful singles-relevant posts. I hope that he and anyone else in a similar situation will send me links to their singles posts once the new site is up, and I’ll find a way to be sure they get included.

Some wonderful singles sites do not include blogs. I’ll include them in a “Resources” section. If I get responses to this post, maybe I’ll also post a preview of all of the Resources I plan to include.