For the new singles site that we have been brainstorming, there will be feeds from enlightened blogs about singles (if the link doesn’t work on your browser, it is the post here at All Things Single, “Tentative list of blog feeds for new singles site”), as we’ve discussed previously, and also a section of links to various resources. The resources should be websites and such that are about living single, and not just becoming unsingle. Below are the ones I have so far. Do you have any additions? Are there some listed here that are too much about dating and such to be included?

Information and/or Advocacy
Alternatives to Marriage Project (AtMP)
Annotated Bibliography on Singles

Bella Depaulo’s website

Fact Sheet about Single Women (link needs to be updated — I’ll get to it)

My Single Space
Singles Studies

Sloan Work and Family Research Network: Single Workers
Unmarried America / American Association for Single People (link may need updating)

Workplace Fairness: Family Responsibilities Discrimination

Documentaries about Living Single
Seeking Happily Ever After
Bachelorette, 34

Grant Support for Scholarly Research on Singles
The Anthony Marchionne Foundation Small Grants Program