What’s happening? Two things – National Singles Week (Sunday September 18 – Saturday September 24) and the new website that will aggregate feeds from enlightened singles blogs, provide resources, and more. I’d love to have a few words of wisdom from readers to include in a blog post to run during Singles Week, and I welcome one more round of feedback on the name and contents of the new site.


One of my posts for Singles Week (either here and/or at “Living Single” at Psychology Today) is going to be called something like, “Top 10 Things I’ve Learned about Singles and Single Life.” In a separate post (or maybe several of them, depending on how many people contribute), I’d love to include insights from all of you. That post (or posts) will probably be called “Living Single: Collective Wisdom.”

So if you are interested in sharing your wisdom, send me (to BellaDepaulo [at] gmail.com) these things by Monday September 19:

  1. Write a sentence or two, or maybe a paragraph, in the spirit we share here – myth-busting, consciousness-raising, joyful and unapologetic single living! No poor-single-me stuff. You might contribute an insight or observation about single life, a favorite quip or quote, a lesson learned, something you wish you knew way back when, what you love most about your single life, what you think the media or science or your relatives get most wrong about single life – really anything at all to celebrate all of us who want to live our single lives fully and joyfully. I’m anticipating that most contributors will be single, but if you are married/coupled and want to share your insights about single life from your outpost in couple-land, please do.
  2. Tell me what name I should use when posting your contribution – and, if you wish, a sentence or so about yourself.
  3. If you have a website or blog or some such, I’d be happy to link to it alongside your contribution. Just send me the link I should use.


So, I’ve done it! I’ve hired a web designer to create the new website that will aggregate feeds from enlightened singles blogs, provide resources, and such, as described here and here. Because of limitations in time and money, the site will start out small and manageable. If more resources and help become available, then the site can grow. A few questions:

  1. Do you have a preference for the name of the site between “Single with Attitude” and “Single Not Seeking”? (The latter was suggested by Christina from Onely.org – thanks, Christina!) Other names may still be possible but those two seem to be generating the most interest. You can post your preference in the comments section or email me at BellaDepaulo [at] gmail.com.
  2. Blog feeds will come from those blogs that are enlightened about singles issues and devoted primarily to the topic of singles. For a rule-of-thumb, somewhere around 75% of your posts should be about enlightened singles topics and not about becoming unsingle or other completely unrelated topics. I want the feeds that are posted automatically to be carefully selected because I don’t plan to monitor each feed before it is posted. If you have a relevant blog that you think I might not know about, please get in touch. I’d especially love to have some men included as bloggers!
  3. If you have a blog that is only occasionally about living single, I still want your relevant posts to be included. Email the pertinent posts to me (once the new site is up and running) and I’ll find some other way to get them to appear on the site.
  4. If you have a site that does not include a blog, but has lots of good information and resources for singles (and not too much mating/dating stuff), I’ll include it in the section on resources. If you have a relevant site that I may not know about, again please let me know


I’m going to ask the same web designer who is creating the new site to help with updates to this blog, “All Things Single (and More)” and website, www.BellaDepaulo.com. So if you have had any problems with either, please let me know.

Thanks, everyone.