[Bella’s intro: Tricia Hoffman first got in touch with me in 2006 soon after Singled Out was published. I am happy to say that we have stayed in contact, even if just sporadically, ever since. She told me she was joyfully single in 2006, and remains so now, five years later. You can read more about her life at today’s guest post at Living Single. Tricia is also very creative. When she sent me her poem about same-self marriage, I asked if I could post it here and she graciously agreed. Thank-you, Tricia!]

Same-Self Marriage

By Tricia Hoffman

There once was a woman who married herself

She was tired of waiting like a book on a shelf

She had waited and waited for her true love to arrive

Then one day she realized, “Alone, I can survive!”

So she planned her own wedding from cake to gown

This wonderful event was the talk of the town

Arrive did she in a horse-drawn carriage

To this special day of her same-self marriage

There were 200 people for a sit-down lunch

She knew this was good and was pleased as punch

All of her guests were dressed to the hilt

Happiness filled the air; not regrets, tears or guilt

She stood proudly, alone, and took a vow

To love, honor and cherish herself, starting here and now

She’d care for herself in sickness and in health

And promised to stay whether in poverty or wealth

She’d always be faithful and from the bottom of her heart

Promised to never leave herself ‘till death did her part

And not for a moment did she hesitate or linger

In putting a gold wedding ring upon her own finger

Then she kissed her hand and walked up that aisle

From ear to ear she was wearing a smile

She waltzed out on the dance floor when the music began to play

And danced alone to the song “I Did It My Way”

She knew she had found the love of her life

When she pronounced herself…Woman and Wife

Tricia Hoffman

Sebastopol, CA

All rights reserved

Copyright 2010