A local paper published an interview of a woman whose online company has become very successful. She runs the company with her husband. Asked if she keeps her private time with her husband private, after spending all day at work with him, she said no. Then she added this:

“I remember when I watched the movie The Social Network, because it shows the meteoric rise of Facebook. Even though [my company] hasn’t gotten to the level of Facebook or anywhere close to it, we’ve had this incredible growth and incredible success. In the middle of that movie, I grabbed his hand and said, ‘Thank God we have each other,’ because you look at how hard it was to be a single person going through that and all the people who wanted things from you and all the decisions that you have to make and all the jealousies and different challenges. If you have another person you trust 100 percent to go through that with, you’re so lucky.”

This is rich. This woman feels smugly superior to Mark Zuckerberg because she is married and he is single. That poor, brilliant, wildly successful single man!

Maybe we should create a Matrimaniac of the Year award.