Every so often, someone publishes one of those predictable “best places to be single” stories. They are always the same – they are not about places for people who want to live their single lives, but instead about the best places to become unsingle. I’ve been thinking about the question because of an email I recently received from a reader, Rosemary.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Of all my choices, choosing to live in Chicago was a good one. I find plenty
of single women who make no apologies for being single. In fact, the city
supports a single lifestyle.  I feel much better being here than I did in
Ohio, where I was clearly the odd woman out.  I find an incredible number of
smart, successful, interesting, engaging, fun, fulfilled women here. I feel
so lucky, and wish I had done this sooner. Yet I meet just as many women who
seem intent on focusing the conversation on meeting a man.”

Not infrequently, I hear from people who say that particular places are particularly good or bad for living single. The coasts rather than the Midwest or the south; cities rather than small towns or rural areas are some of the suggestions I’ve heard. Unfortunately, I know of no relevant research. So I’m interested in your ideas.

For example, do you think that the geographical location matters, as in Chicago vs. somewhere in Ohio? Do political or religious norms and values matter? Is it more about the demographics of the place? For example, is it easier to live a full and happy single life in places with lots of other single people as compared to places with a greater concentration of couples and traditional families? Is it about the kinds of opportunities available – for example, for good jobs, decent housing, education, and leisure options that are not totally focused on couples and nuclear families?

I imagine that the fit between person and place is important. If you like skiing, you probably won’t want to live in Alabama. Even taking those “fit” factors into consideration, though, there must be some ski-friendly places that are more singles-friendly than others.

What do you think?