I try never to let a full week pass without posting here but I seem to have blown it this time. It is for a good reason, though. I have been totally engaged in working on the Singlism book, the one I described earlier that will include lots of contributions from other wonderful thinkers, authors, and activists as well as my own writings. I’ve been organizing the contributions, doing some editing, and refining my own articles and essays. Now I’m rereading every page to be sure it is all in order. I’m very excited about this.

Meanwhile, my technological incompetence is costing me. Last week, CNN International contacted me to provide a counterpoint to all of the royal wedding matrimania (of course, they didn’t call it that). But I needed to have access to Skype to do it, and I don’t have a webcam and couldn’t get one in time. (They called me about two hours before airtime.) I was very disappointed to miss out on that opportunity.

I think I mentioned previously that the person who designed this website (with those doors that open when you click them – I still get kick out of that!) is no longer in the web design business so my list of things that I need to take care of keeps growing. Did you notice that there is no image with this post? I can only add new images if I delete old ones. That’s probably an easy fix, but not for a technologically challenged person such as myself. If you are having any problems with this blog or anything else on this website, let me know and I’ll add it to my list.

Anyway, once I get this Singlism book to press, I’ll start looking into the other stuff, and I should be back to posting here at least once a week.