We who believe so deeply in fairness for single people (including unmarried couples) have had wonderful leadership in the past from single-minded change agents Thomas F. Coleman, Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller, and most recently, Nicky Grist. The Alternatives to Marriage Project is now looking for its next Executive Director. This is such an important position. Take a look at the position announcement below (and click on the link to the full description). If you think you have the goods – or if you know someone who does – let the search committee know!

I will be right there to help the new director in just about any way. I say “just about” because I have a big deficiency – I’m terrible at fundraising. I just hate asking people for money, even for a great cause (and this is, to my heart, a great cause). That means I won’t throw my name in the hat for the director position; fundraising is a big part of that position. But I hope you are someone (or you know someone) who does not share my deficiency. I know that many of the people who read this blog are passionate about singles issues. So let’s get the word out! And thank you, many times over, to our previous leaders.

Position Announcement:

Executive Director, Alternatives to Marriage Project.  Lead transition from a small, member-funded organization to a grant funded, policy-oriented organization. Manage all fundraising including cultivating and communicating with major donors, researching grants and writing proposals, securing small gifts from members and guiding Board fundraising efforts.  Research marital status discrimination in law and business practice, analyze impacts, propose and advocate solutions.  Articulate a vision for how the organization can best achieve its mission, recognizing that the Board of Directors has final say over strategy and policy; guide and motivate staff and volunteers to achieve the vision.  Ensure solid legal and financial footing.  Implement web-based technology and social media.  Conduct media interviews and outreach.  Starting salary approximately $30,000/year with growth potential.  To apply, email resume and cover letter to mailto:jobs@unmarried.org by May 30th, 2011.  See full position description here.