My older brother, who does some moderating of focus groups, shared a story with me from a Marketing Research Review journal called Quirk’s. Apparently (I’ve never been in a focus group), the process typically begins with introductions. In the group in question, three women went first and described their kids, spouse, and pets. Then came the person who had no such people or pets in her life.

Her introduction was this: “Got no kids. Got no husband. Got no pets. Got no problems.

Share your great quips if you have some – yours or ones you know of.

I still think of this blog in part as a backstage area – it seems to be frequented by people who are especially interested in singles issues, and the names used by people who comment are often familiar ones. So it feels a bit more intimate than my “Living Single” blog at Psych Today, though perhaps that will change over time. My most recent post over there was about the place of place in our lives. It was something I really enjoyed thinking about. I thought it would resonate with singles. The comments that have been posted so far were wonderfully thoughtful and interesting. But, the post is one of the least popular of all. True, it has only been up for about a day, but it is several hundred clicks short, even by that standard. It is so hard to predict what people will like.

So far, the two most popular “Living Single” posts for 2011 have been “Extraversion and the single person” and the last 3 of the 10 myths about single people. I still haven’t figured out how to get counts of individual posts here at this blog.