I have a 14-year old car. Repairs were becoming increasingly costly, so I finally decided not to sink another penny into my 1997 Corolla, and just look for something newer.

I did my homework online, then on Saturday, I headed to the first dealership on my list. After looking around, test driving, and talking to the salesperson for a while, I asked for a quote on one of the cars. He came back with what he claimed was a really good deal.  While I was waiting for the price, he also sent a colleague to reiterate that they were going to give me a really good deal. The price he offered – including taxes and fees and the value he was offering for my trade-in — was a little higher than the price the dealer had posted in the advertising. His offer on my trade-in was hundreds of dollars less than the lowest fair trade-in value listed by the Kelly blue book.

I left that place and never returned.

So I’m left wondering: Had I just experienced an instance of singlism? The salesperson called me the next day. I asked him how what he had offered could in any way qualify as a good deal, and why he made that particular offer. He thought I was implying sexism and told me that he had two daughters (as if no one with daughters ever qualifies as sexist).

Maybe the salesperson would have treated a married couple the same way he treated me – I don’t know. In our conversation before he offered me a price, I told him I don’t like the whole haggling routine, and asked him what he could really sell me the car for. He quoted $500 less than what appeared on the price that was offered.

I haven’t bought a car in 14 years so I don’t know what counts as standard practice these days. What are your experiences? Have any of you experienced what seemed like singlism on the car lot?