On February 2, as the protests on the streets of Egypt were riveting the nation and the world, Piers Morgan found time to ask Barbara Walters about the men in her life. (He means the conjugal kind, of course.)

MORGAN: Come on, which man, if you had five minutes to live, you would take —

WALTERS: if I had five minutes to live, I wouldn’t want to be with any man.

MORGAN: Really?

WALTERS: If I had five minutes to live, I would be with my daughter and closest friends. At this point in my life, I would not want to [be] with any one man.

Next, Morgan wanted to get the dirt on Walters’ dating life. She responded by describing what Henry Ford had said to her years ago when she asked him the same question:

WALTERS: …he said that’s none of your business. I thought, why don’t more people say that to me? Fortunately, they don’t.

But I’m going to say it to you. I think you’re adorable. I’m so happy you’re here. I think you’re the most charming man. I wish you every success. It’s none of your business.

[Thanks to my sister Lisa for the heads-up about these great quips.]