A few weeks ago, over at Living Single, I wrote about the stranger hawking a mate-bait program who believed that she knows what we singles want “deep down inside.” Our friend Christina from Onely posted one of her typically brilliant and witty comments:

“I believe that deep down everyone really wants a nice Maine Coone mix kitten.”

That inspired me to start a “deep down inside” list. If you based your presumptions about what everyone else wants “deep down inside” on your own personal desires, what would you add to the list?

When I lived on the East Coast, I used to rent a beach house on the Outer Banks for a week every summer. I was enthralled by the outdoor showers and thought every home should have one of those. So that’s my first contribution. Add yours to the comments section, and now and then, I’ll move the comments up to the list in this post.

The “Deep Down Inside” List

Deep down inside, everyone really wants:

1.      A nice Maine Coon mix kitten (from Christina of Onely)

2.      An outdoor shower (from Bella)

3.     A personal chef (from Lauren)

4.     A brisk walk early in the morning (from Alan1)

5.     To know how to salsa dance! (from VibrantLibrarian)

6.     A perfectly intuitive PDA phone that does everything…EASILY. (from Psyngle)

7.    A day at the waterpark without any lines or horny teenagers (from Psyngle)