Quick follow-up to my most recent post here (“Candidate claims she is superior because she is a mother”). Washington Post opinion writer Ruth Marcus just published a piece titled, “With two women on the ballot, things that should be off limits.” Among those things are

“marital and family status. The unstated premise of Fallin’s comment is: ‘I’m a mom and she’s not.’ And the unstated but barely disguised conclusion is: ‘And that makes me better and leaves her lacking in a material way.’”

Marcus ends with this:

“Mary Fallin, you put down that ‘mommy card’ right now.”

Score one for consciousness-raising in the mainstream media.

[On another topic, if you haven’t checked out my latest at Living Single, or haven’t looked at the comments section, you may be interested in the discussion of how to deal with singlism in the workplace. I’ve learned a lot already, and look forward to hearing more.]