Although I only occasionally address political issues head-on here or at Living Single, it is probably apparent to regular readers that I’m a lefty – Democrat, liberal, progressive – call me what you will. I only became a truly engaged and devoted political animal gradually, over time. Now, when I do write about politics (typically, for the Huffington Post), I like to summon and display all of my passion.

I think the progressive perspective is most often compatible with my aspirations for a society free of singlism and matrimania. Still, I always feel a twinge of ambivalence about writing about politics for my singles blogs. You know that slogan, “The personal is political”? Well, I think the reverse is true, too – the political is personal. I worry about offending readers who are interested in singles issues but who do not share my politics. Maybe that’s why I found it so gratifying to discover, when making the case that the government should stay out of the marriage business, echoes of that argument from all across the political spectrum. (I wrote about that in this post with Rachel Buddeberg, and Christian Miller wrote a guest post for this blog.)

That said, if you are a citizen of the U.S., I hereby encourage you to get out and vote on Tuesday. Things aren’t looking so great for the Dems, but Page Gardner at Women’s Voices Women Vote believes that singles can still make a difference. Her group focuses on women (obviously) but I hope that single men will be equally engaged.

At the Huffington Post, Gardner said this:

Here’s why unmarried women could stem the tide on November 2:

  • They typically make decisions late in the game and tend to be progressive
  • Polling shows they are paying more attention than they have all year
  • They have been hurt by the economic downturn, but are much less angry about it
  • They don’t distrust government, but look to government for solutions”

Finally, here’s my latest contribution to the Huffington Post, making the case that Barack Obama has restored honor and dignity to the White House.