Responses to an earlier post about Stella Miles Franklin were so terrific that I thought I’d try my luck at tapping readers’ expertise about another singles-relevant book I haven’t read yet. It is Instead of a Letter, by Diana Athill. I learned about it from the “Briefly Noted” section of the New Yorker. Athill’s memoir, according to the review, includes

“the author’s scrupulous reckoning of her own single and childless existence: the bliss of early summers on her family’s estate in East Anglia; the blight of the Second World War and the romantic betrayal that accompanied it; her work in publishing and the thrilling discovery that she, too, could write.”

Is anyone familiar with this book? If so, I’d love to know what you think.

And speaking of books, here’s a great offer. Single-minded change agent Thomas F. Coleman has now made the online version of his book, The Domino Effect, available for free. Follow this link for the book as well as 11,000 pages of archived materials spanning four decades of Coleman’s education and advocacy efforts.