Politics aside, Condoleezza Rice’s achievements have been amazing.  As I noted at some length in Singled Out, I was appalled by how often this ever-single woman got the singles treatment when she was in the public spotlight.

Now that she is promoting her newly published memoir, Extraordinary, Ordinary People (which I haven’t yet read), I’m curious to see what the conversation will be like this time around on the topic of her marital status.

Here’s a key question and answer from an interview a friend sent me:

Question: Would you consider that you’ve lived a fulfilled life if you never get married or have kids?

Answer: Yeah, I will. I won’t have kids [laughs] but I may still get married. But I would have lived a very fulfilled life if I had gotten married and had kids, too. But I’m very religious and I at some very deep level believe that things are going to work out as they’re supposed to. The key is to be open to that and to appreciate the life that you’ve been given.

If you have read the book or if you hear any more on this topic, please share.