The second annual Singles Week blog crawl starts today. The brainchild of our friends at Single Women Rule, a blog crawl is an online version of a pub crawl or museum crawl, only without the booze or the art. What you do get, though, are seven days of writings by seven different singles bloggers. Each day, one blog hosts a guest post from another blogger. We all crawl along from one site to the next, continuing our conversation and celebration all week.

Last year, too many of the posts were a bit too dating-oriented, but this year promises to be different. As the first line of the 2010 press release proclaims, “Enjoying life as a single or unmarried person is much more than navigating the dating world.”

You can see the full line-up of host blogs and guest writers here. I know for sure that at least four of the bloggers will post on topics other than romantic relationships and dating.

1.      Nicky Grist, Executive Director of the Alternatives to Marriage Project, has already posted at Single Women Rule. Her entry is called “A week in my life as an advocate for unmarried and single Americans.

2.      On Tuesday September 21, our friend Rachel Buddeberg will guest post right here on my All Things Single blog.

3.      On Wednesday September 22, our friends Christina and Lisa from Onely will guest post at Living Single.

4.      On Saturday September 25, I’ll close out singles week with a guest post at the blog at the Alternatives to Marriage Project.

I also plan to post every day on each of my blogs during the week of September 19-25, more formally known as National Unmarried and Single Americans Week.

My blogging life intersected with Singles Week for the first time in 2008. The post I wrote to mark the occasion was It’s National Singles Week: Here’s 14 Reasons Why We Need It. In 2009, I started Singles Week with the quiz, Know Your Single People. My first post this year (earlier today) was Should Marriage Be a Ticket to Privilege? Several Dozen Skeptics Weigh In.

In one of my posts this week, I may include an updated listing of singles blogs and websites that are not primarily about dating. If you know of any that are not already listed on this page (including your own), please let me know.

Many thanks to Keysha Whitaker for all her work in organizing the crawl and Happy Singles Week to all!