If you enjoy the comments posted to this blog and to Living Single as much as I do, you probably already realize how many wonderful contributions come from Psyngle. But where has she been lately? She just emailed to let me know that she was in a terrible accident and has been hospitalized for nearly a month. If you’d like to post a message to her in the comments section, I bet she will see it when she is back online.

I was happy and not surprised at Psyngle’s report that she has received an “amazing outpouring of support” from the people who know her in the offline world and is “soooooo not alone.”

Thinking about Psyngle reminded me that I had received an email from her a while back that I’d like to share with you.

From Psyngle, earlier this summer:

“While watching the wonderful movie “Songcatcher,” about a music professor who collects folk songs in the Appalachians and in so doing, becomes involved with the mountain people and their hard lives, I heard this song:

The Single Girl

When I was single, went dressed all so fine,
Now I am married, go ragged all the time.

(refrain after each verse)

I wish I was a single girl again, O Lord
I wish I was a single girl again.

When I was single, my shoes did screak
Now I am married, my shoes they do leak.”

[From Bella: You can find the rest of the lyrics in English Folk Songs in the Southern Appalachians, Sharp;  Collected from Mrs. Ellie Johnson, NC, 1916.]

Psyngle adds this about the movie:

“While the main character does hook up with a mountain man, the young lady Deladis has a very strong, independent role, and when the young man she’s been wanting to court her (you do wonder why) finally proposes, you will cheer out loud at her response.”

From Bella: Thanks, Psyngle, for this, and continuing best wishes as you recover! I miss you.