I was delighted to discover another blogger making the case for fair treatment of singles, and even better, casting her arguments from an international perspective. The blogger is “Anne,” from a site I just discovered, Why Get Married? Her post was titled, Are Singles Discriminated Against?

Here’s one of my favorite paragraphs:

“In Canada, England, France, Australia, and New Zealand for starters, being a citizen of that country entitles you to the same rights and privileges of any other citizen of that country. If you need healthcare, an ambulance, decent housing, work or child care, as a citizen you have the same right and access to those services as a single, married, divorced, employed or unemployed. It doesn’t matter. You are a citizen. Citizenship is the criterion.”

Referring to the same-sex marriage controversy, Anne asked (as did I over at the Huffington Post) why getting married should earn you special privileges, noting that “every individual in America who is a citizen of this country deserves the same rights and privileges as any other citizen.”

Special thanks to “Anonymous,” who left a comment on Anne’s post recommending Singled Out. It was because of that comment that Anne got in touch with me.

Keep your recommendations coming! Every enlightened singles blogger deserves recognition.