A CNN relationships columnist told the story of coming home from work after a bad day, and telling her boyfriend that it was nothing, just a work matter, when he noticed her distress. He wanted to hear about her no good, very bad day, and told her, “If you’re going to be in a relationship, you need to stop acting like you are single or you will end up single.”

Readers, please insert your enlightened response to said boyfriend here.

Now here’s the lesson the writer drew: “I realized he was telling me that acting single is acting as if you are alone.”

So in just a few sentences, we see the implication that “ending up single” would be a dire fate, and hear still another iteration of the stereotype that single people don’t have anyone.

Even sadder: already, 272 people have recommended the article. Why is there no thumbs-down option for people who want to register their disapproval?

Want to tell the columnist what “acting single” means to you? Share your more open-minded definitions in the Comments section here and/or at the CNN column.

[Thanks to my older brother, affectionately known as OldBro, for the tip about this story.]