Over the course of many years writing about single life, I have found that readers are very interested in the experiences of single people in places beyond the U.S. So am I, but I don’t know nearly as much as I would like to. I have had some help with that from guest bloggers. Also, when relevant articles appear in the news, I blog about them.

Below are some of the articles that have appeared on my various blogs about the experiences of single people in various countries around the world. Happily, most reports are trending positive.

Single women in India: A conversation with Kay Trimberger

In Ireland, taking single life seriously

Single in Nigeria

Single in Iran

How to shame single women: Chinese edition

Chinese Valentine’s Day is for singles, but not in a good way

Single in the Foreign Service: Heather Steil Blogs from Afghanistan

The Mexican revolution in attitudes toward single people

Is it really great to be single in Holland?

Celebrations of Finland’s success leave one big group behind

Sexless in Japan?

Single in Poland: Meaningful work, and connections to family and friends

Why are you single? International edition

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